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Locating a competitive facility in the plane with a robustness criterion

R. Blanquero(rblanquero***at***us.es)
E. Carrizosa(ecarrizosa***at***us.es)
E.M.T. Hendrix(Eligius.Hendrix***at***wur.nl)

Abstract: A new continuous location model is presented and embedded in the literature on robustness in facility location. The multimodality of the model is investigated, and a branch and bound method based on dc optimization is described. Numerical experience is reported, showing that the developed method allows one to solve in a few seconds problems with thousands of demand points.

Keywords: Robustness, facility location, robust solutions, competitive location, Huff model, dc programming, branch and bound

Category 1: Applications -- Science and Engineering (Facility Planning and Design )

Category 2: Robust Optimization

Category 3: Global Optimization (Applications )

Citation: Research Report. Dept. of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Seville (Spain). March/2010

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 03/05/2010
Entry Accepted: 03/05/2010
Entry Last Modified: 03/05/2010

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