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On the hyperplanes arrangements in mixed-integer techniques

Florin Stoican (florin.stoican***at***supelec.fr)
Ionela Prodan (ionela.prodan***at***supelec.fr)
Sorin Olaru (sorin.olaru***at***supelec.fr)

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the improved constraints handling in mixed-integer optimization problems. The novel element is the reduction of the number of binary variables used for expressing the complement of a convex (polytopic) region. As a generalization, the problem of representing the complement of a possibly non-connected union of such convex sets is detailed. In order to illustrate the benefits of the proposed improvements, a practical implementation, the problem of obstacle avoidance using receding horizon optimization techniques is considered as test case.

Keywords: mixed-integer techniques; hyperplane arrangements

Category 1: Integer Programming ((Mixed) Integer Linear Programming )

Citation: status: unpublished institution: SUPELEC Systems Sciences (E3S) - Automatic Control Department address: 1, Joliot Curie,Gif sur Yvette 91192, France date: February 2011


Entry Submitted: 02/01/2011
Entry Accepted: 02/01/2011
Entry Last Modified: 05/05/2011

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