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Effective Strategies to Teach Operations Research to Non-Mathematics Majors

Somayeh Moazeni (somayeh***at***princeton.edu)

Abstract: Operations Research (OR) is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions (Horner (2003)). OR is characterized by its broad applicability and its interdisciplinary nature. Currently, in addition to mathematics, many other undergraduate programs such as management sciences, business, economics, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, and related fields, have incorporated some topics in OR in their curricula (Ramirez et al. (2004)). Therefore the course content and teaching strategies used to teach an OR course should be effectively aligned with the students' objectives and course goals in the host department. Based on the existing literature, in this paper we discuss five strategies to enhance the teaching of OR skills that are essential for students in practical disciplines. Instructors should use an optimal dosage of each of these teaching strategies depending on the background of the students and their expectations from the course.

Keywords: Teaching Optimization.

Category 1: Applications -- Science and Engineering (Basic Sciences Applications )

Category 2: Other Topics

Citation: CTE research report, 2010, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1.

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 07/30/2012
Entry Accepted: 07/30/2012
Entry Last Modified: 07/30/2012

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