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Reactive Power Management using Firefly and Spiral Optimization under Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions

Ripunjoy Phukan (ripun000***at***yahoo.co.in)

Abstract: Power System planning encompasses the concept of minimization of transmission losses keeping in mind the voltage stability and system reliability. Voltage profile decides the state of a system and its control is dependent on Generator source voltage, shunt/series injection, transformer taps etc. Optimal parameter setting in system level is needed for managing the available resources economically. This paper presents the use of Firefly and Spiral optimization as novel schemes for minimizing the active power loss along with partial compensation of inter bus voltage drop. The objective function has been evaluated under both static and dynamic loading conditions. The control variables being generator bus voltage, capacitor shunts and transformer taps. These methods were employed in an IEEE 6-bus system and the results were tabulated.

Keywords: Compensation, Dynamic Loading, Firefly, Spiral Optimization, Transmission loss

Category 1: Global Optimization (Applications )

Category 2: Applications -- Science and Engineering (Other )

Category 3: Stochastic Programming

Citation: Journal of Electrical and Electronic Systems ISSN: 2332-0796

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 12/02/2013
Entry Accepted: 12/03/2013
Entry Last Modified: 12/21/2013

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