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A Note on Linear On/Off Constraints

Hassan L. Hijazi(hassan.hijazi***at***nicta.com.au)
Pierre Bonami(pierre.bonami***at***es.ibm.com)
Adam Ouorou(adam.ouorou***at***orange.com)

Abstract: This note studies compact representations of linear on/off constraints in mixed-integer linear optimization. A characterization of the convex hull of linear disjunctions is given in the space of original variables. This result can improve formulations of mixed-integer linear programs featuring on/off constraints by reducing the integrality gap in a Branch and Bound approach.

Keywords: Mixed-Integer Linear Programming, on/off constraints

Category 1: Integer Programming ((Mixed) Integer Linear Programming )

Category 2: Combinatorial Optimization (Polyhedra )

Citation: @article{, year={2014}, month = {April}, journal={NICTA Technical Report}, institution={NICTA}, title={{A Note on Linear On/Off Constraints}}, author={Hijazi, Hassan L. and Bonami, Pierre and Ouorou, Adam}, }

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 04/06/2014
Entry Accepted: 04/07/2014
Entry Last Modified: 04/06/2014

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