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Lower Bounding Procedures for the Single Allocation Hub Location Problem

Borzou Rostami(brostami***at***mathematik.tu-dortmund.de)
Christoph Buchheim(christoph.buchheim***at***tu-dortmund.de)
J. Fabian Meier(meier***at***itl.tu-dortmund.de)
Uwe Clausen(clausen***at***itl.tu-dortmund.de)

Abstract: This paper proposes a new lower bounding procedure for the Uncapacitated Single Allocation p-Hub Median Problem based on Lagrangean relaxation. For solving the resulting Lagrangean subproblem, the given problem structure is exploited: it can be decomposed into smaller subproblems that can be solved efficiently by combinatorial algorithms. Our computational experiments for some benchmark instances demonstrate the strength of the new approach.

Keywords: Hub Location, Lagrangian relaxation, Lower bounds

Category 1: Integer Programming (0-1 Programming )

Category 2: Applications -- OR and Management Sciences (Production and Logistics )

Category 3: Combinatorial Optimization (Graphs and Matroids )


Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 11/30/2014
Entry Accepted: 11/30/2014
Entry Last Modified: 11/30/2014

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