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A new step size rule in Yan et al.'s self-adaptive projection method

Gao Bin (feimaxiao123***at***gmail.com)

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a new step size rule to accelerate Yan et al.'s self-adaptive projection method. Under the new step size strategy, the superiority of modified projection method is verified through theory to numerical experiments.

Keywords: Variational inequalities; Projection methods; Extragradient methods.

Category 1: Applications -- Science and Engineering (Basic Sciences Applications )

Citation: College of Communications Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, 210007, China 01/29/2015

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 01/29/2015
Entry Accepted: 01/29/2015
Entry Last Modified: 04/01/2015

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