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Detecting Almost Symmetries of Graphs

Ben Knueven (bknueven***at***vols.utk.edu)
Jim Ostrowski (jostrows***at***utk.edu)
Sebastian Pokutta (sebastian.pokutta***at***isye.gatech.edu)

Abstract: We present a branch-and-bound framework to solve the following problem: Given a graph G and an integer k, find a subgraph of G formed by removing no more than k edges that contains the most symmetry. We call symmetries on such a subgraph ``almost symmetries'' of G. We implement our branch-and-bound framework in PEBBL to allow for parallel enumeration and demonstrate good scaling up to 16 cores. We show that the presented branching strategy is much better than a random branching strategy on the tested graphs.

Keywords: graph automorphism, branch-and-bound

Category 1: Combinatorial Optimization (Other )

Citation: University of Tennessee, September 2015

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 09/22/2015
Entry Accepted: 09/23/2015
Entry Last Modified: 08/04/2017

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