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Globally Solving a Class of Optimal Power Flow Problems in Radial Networks by Tree Reduction

Amir Beck (becka***at***ie.technion.ac.il)
Yuval Beck (beck***at***hit.ac.il)
Yoash Levron (yoashl***at***ee.technion.ac.il)
Alex Shtof (alexshtf***at***campus.technion.ac.il)
Luba Tetruashvili (lubate***at***tx.technion.ac.il)

Abstract: We devise an algorithm for finding the global optimal solution of the so-called optimal power flow problem (OPF) for a class of power networks with a tree topology, also called radial networks, for which an efficient and reliable algorithm was not previously known. The algorithm we present is called the tree reduction/expansion method, and is based on an equivalence between the input network and a single-node network. Finally, out numerical experiments demonstrate the reliability and robustness of our algorithm.

Keywords: nonconvex optimization; optimal power flow; tree reduction/expansion

Category 1: Nonlinear Optimization


Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 05/27/2017
Entry Accepted: 05/27/2017
Entry Last Modified: 08/03/2017

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