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A Mixed-Integer Linear Program for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Structured Time Windows

Philipp Hungerländer(philipp.hungerlaender***at***aau.at)
Christian Truden(christian.truden***at***aau.at)

Abstract: In this extended abstract we introduce the Traveling Salesman Problem with structured Time Windows (TSPsTW) that is motivated by an online shopping application of an international supermarket chain. We suggest an efficient and easy to implement mixed-integer linear programm (MILP) of the TSPsTW and in a computational study com- pare it to related MILPs from the literature. Finally we analyze the relation of TSPsTW, TSPTW and TSP with the help of dependency graphs and give an outlook on further planned extensions of the applicability of our MILP.

Keywords: Traveling salesman problem; time windows; exploiting structure; mixed-integer linear programming.

Category 1: Applications -- OR and Management Sciences (Transportation )

Category 2: Integer Programming ((Mixed) Integer Linear Programming )

Citation: 2017 INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Conference, accepted.

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 06/11/2017
Entry Accepted: 06/11/2017
Entry Last Modified: 06/11/2017

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