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Efficient Algorithms for Flow over Time Evacuation Planning Problems with Lane Reversal Strategy

Urmila Pyakurel(urmilapyakurel***at***gmail.com)
Stephan Dempe(dempe***at***tu-freiberg.de)
Tanka Nath Dhamala(amb.dhamala***at***daadindia.org)

Abstract: The contraflow techniques have widely been effective in evacuation planning research. We present effcient algorithms to solve the evacuation network flow problems, namely, the maximum, earliest arrival, quickest and lex-maximum dynamic contraflow problems having constant attributes and their generalizations with partial contraflow recon guration. Moreover, the contraflow models with inflow dependent and load dependent transit times are introduced and presented strongly polynomial time algorithms to compute approximation solutions of the corresponding quickest contraflow problems on two terminal networks with partial reversals of arc capacities. Our results on partial lane reversals should be quite relevant for reducing evacuation time and supporting logistics in emergencies.

Keywords: Network optimization; dynamic flow; evacuation planning; contaflow con guration; algorithms and complexity; logistic supports

Category 1: Network Optimization

Category 2: Applications -- OR and Management Sciences (Other )

Citation: Preprint No. 07/2018, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 07/05/2018
Entry Accepted: 07/05/2018
Entry Last Modified: 07/05/2018

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