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Polynomial Optimization on Chebyshev-Dubiner Webs of Starlike Polygons

Marco Vianello(marcov***at***math.unipd.it)

Abstract: We construct web-shaped norming meshes on starlike polygons, by radial and boundary Chebyshev points. Via the approximation theoretic notion of Dubiner distance, we get a (1-eps)-approximation to the minimum of an arbitrary polynomial of degree n by O(n^2/eps) sampling points.

Keywords: polynomial optimization, norming mesh, Chebyshev points, Dubiner distance, starlike polygon

Category 1: Global Optimization (Other )

Citation: Preprint, July 2018

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 07/30/2018
Entry Accepted: 08/01/2018
Entry Last Modified: 07/30/2018

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