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Trust-Region Newton-CG with Strong Second-Order Complexity Guarantees for Nonconvex Optimization

Frank E. Curtis (frank.e.curtis***at***gmail.com)
Daniel P. Robinson (daniel.p.robinson***at***gmail.com)
Clément W. Royer (clement.royer***at***dauphine.psl.eu)
Stephen J. Wright (swright***at***cs.wisc.edu)

Abstract: Worst-case complexity guarantees for nonconvex optimization algorithms have been a topic of growing interest. Multiple frameworks that achieve the best known complexity bounds among a broad class of first- and second-order strategies have been proposed. These methods have often been designed primarily with complexity guarantees in mind and, as a result, represent a departure from the algorithms that have proved to be the most effective in practice. In this paper, we consider trust-region Newton methods, one of the most popular classes of algorithms for solving nonconvex optimization problems. By introducing slight modifications to the original scheme, we obtain two methods---one based on exact subproblem solves and one exploiting inexact subproblem solves as in the popular ``trust-region Newton-Conjugate-Gradient'' (trust-region Newton-CG) method---with iteration and operation complexity bounds that match the best known bounds for the aforementioned class of first- and second-order methods. The resulting trust-region Newton-CG method also retains the attractive practical behavior of classical trust-region Newton-CG, which we demonstrate with numerical comparisons on a standard benchmark test set.

Keywords: smooth nonconvex optimization, trust-region methods, Newton’s method, conjugate gradient method, Lanczos method, worst-case complexity, negative curvature

Category 1: Nonlinear Optimization

Category 2: Nonlinear Optimization (Unconstrained Optimization )

Citation: Lehigh ISE Technical Report 19T-028

Download: [PDF]

Entry Submitted: 12/09/2019
Entry Accepted: 12/09/2019
Entry Last Modified: 08/02/2020

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