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Mission statement
Optimization Online is a repository of eprints about optimization and related topics. It facilitates quick dissemination of new research of interest to the optimization community. This service is free.

Submission and Moderation
Papers can be submitted electronically to Optimization Online in in pdf, postscript, or compressed formats. Papers are screened to ensure their relevance by one of the coordinators for the category selected by the submitting author as the principal category. The acceptance/rejection decision of a coordinator is final. Coordinators check that the submission details given by the authors are all present and correct and that the submitted files are readable. They do not usually evaluate the report for quality or mathematical correctness. Consequently, we make no claim about quality or correctness of the reports on the site. Optimization Online reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove accepted papers from the repository if complaints are received regarding their accuracy or authenticity.

By submitting a paper, all authors of the paper represent and warrant that: (i) the paper constitutes an original work of authorship and that any necessary permissions have been obtained from any third parties who may have rights to material included in the paper; and (ii) other users of Optimization Online are granted permission to download the paper for personal use. Authors are responsible for removing a paper from the site once copyright for the paper has been transferred to a publisher. We encourage authors to provide a reference to the paper in place of the full text, once it has been published in a journal. The coordinators, sponsors and hosts of Optimization Online are not liable for any violations of copyright law or any other rules, laws or policies as a result of posting submitted papers on this site, and authors of submitted papers agree to indemnify and hold harmless the coordinators, sponsors, and hosts of Optimization Online from any such liability to the maximum degree permitted by law.

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